Capsicum (Bell Pepper/Pepper) Chutney/Dip

Pepper (Bell Pepper/Capsicum) Chutney

I like peppers (Capsicum; Shimla Mirch in Hindi) and have always used them in my vegetable curries or to make side-dish like dry pepper curry or pepper with chickpea flour. To be honest, I had never heard of Bell Pepper Chutney until recently. As usual, that did trigger the cook in me to try it out :). On an impulse, I prepared the chutney with Spinach Theplas over the weekend and the combo was just a super hit !

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Green Peppers with chickpea flour (Besan wali Shimla Mirch)


For the benefit of everyone, Pepper is also popular as Bell pepper or Capsicum. This Post is based one of my Mumma’s hit dish – she used to cook green peppers with chickpea flour so perfect that whenever she was cooking them, our neighbours would call in to demand some for themselves; they used to state that the aroma was simply irresistible.

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