Fruit Custard

Fruit custard is one of the easiest dessert that is a quick recipe, is super delicious and generally sought after by one and all. It is a creamy milk dessert made up of very few ingredients – fruits, milk, sugar and custard powder. You can use any of your favourite fruits in this custard and cherish this flavourful sweet treat. It is a remarkably simple yet luscious dessert which you can make a night before and serve the next day.

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Besan Laddu in 10 minutes

Besan laddu is one such Indian sweet that is made in almost all households in India during festivals and celebrations. Besan is the Hindi word for chickpea/gram flour and Laddu refers in general to all round shaped Indian sweets. Besan laddu is an easy recipe that needs only 3-4 ingredients. Making it in the traditional way could be a bit tedious job, but let me tell you a recipe using which you can make it easily in less than 10 minutes.

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Eggless Chocolate-Coffee Molten Lava Cup Cake in 30 seconds

Eggless Chocolate-Coffee Molten Lava Cup Cake

My darling husband is a truly chocolate lover and so is our angel. I made this Eggless Chocolate-Coffee Molten Lava Cup Cake last night to give them a warm surprise after dinner, as they were glued to the telly. They were so happy with it that I had to prepare it again immediately 😉  . The cake has a gooey, chocolatey, molten centre and takes only 5 minutes (hardly) to make from scratch.

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Coconut Burfi without Khoya

Coconut Burfi
Winter seems to be on full swing here as temperatures are touching the 0°C mark. Harping on the need to eat sweet rich food with the objective of both enjoying the cold weather and also to feel some warmth, my darling husband asked me to make Coconut Burfi over the weekend. Getting two points in one shot (satisfying his demand, and presenting it to all you guys) 😊, I have prepared Coconut Burfi without khoya in a very easy way. I have made this Burfi with sugar so there is no hassle to make any form of sugar syrup.

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Black Chickpea Pickled Rice (Kala Chana Achari Pulav )

Black Chickpea pickled Rice (Kala Chana Achari Pulav)

I love black chickpeas (kala chana) and so black chickpea with rice is one of my favourite combo. I usually make black chickpea (gravy one) and, plain rice separately; and enjoy them by mixing them together. However today for the first time I made it this Pulav and it was too good. It is quick, easy and a tasty recipe.

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Cucumber Curry (Kheere ki Sabji) – now that’s unheard of


Most people use cucumber in salads and/or in raita (dip).  I was also part of this group till marriage. I was introduced to this curry for the 1st time at my husband’s place. I have to admit it – it was a lovely surprise to see cucumber in curry form; and it was indeed tasty and, a quick one to turnaround when in hurry.

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Green Peppers with chickpea flour (Besan wali Shimla Mirch)


For the benefit of everyone, Pepper is also popular as Bell pepper or Capsicum. This Post is based one of my Mumma’s hit dish – she used to cook green peppers with chickpea flour so perfect that whenever she was cooking them, our neighbours would call in to demand some for themselves; they used to state that the aroma was simply irresistible.

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Papad Mangodi ki Sabji

Papad Mangodi ki Sabji

I am sure all of you would now be aware that I come from the western part of India – through my multiple mentions in the previous posts. My state in this western part – “Rajasthan” – is an arid, desert region and hence is generally unsuitable for growing vegetables. This is the reason why people from this region have the routine of preserving vegetables and lentils by dehydrating them, and then using them to prepare various dishes.

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