Kadhai Matar (Spicy Green Peas Curry)

Kadhai Matar (Spicy Green Peas Curry)

Going by my darling daughter’s favourites, and to ensure that she eats without much fuss, I try to use Matar (Peas in English) in most of my curries. On these lines, Kadhai Matar (Green Peas curry) is a very quick, easy, nutritious and a real tasty curry. This triggered last night in my kitchen when my little angel asked me as to what I was preparing; I posed a question to her instead asking what does she wants. And the reply was “I want to eat Matar” 🙂 The usual Matar Paneer immediately came to my mind, but I was in not really in the mood to eat Paneer; and thereby the idea came to me to make a Matar/Peas only curry – and here I present the output as “Kadhai Matar”.

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Namkeen, Mathri and Shakarpare – All time Indian snacks

Diwali Snack Platter

This post is the last one covering my Diwali sweets/snacks preparation. I am covering 3 snacks in one go – Mathri, Namkeen, and Shakarpare. All these are traditional classic North Indian tea time snacks. These are made with all-purpose flour, carom seeds (for the flavour) and, some oil/clarified butter (to make it crispy/flaky). Note that these snacks are not limited to Diwali only; they are prepared at Holi and perhaps throughout the year.

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