Cucumber Chutney (Dip)

Cucumber Chutney

People mostly use cucumber in salads and/or in raita. I however make a dry cucumber curry which I have already posted earlier. Needless to say, this chutney is a bit different from the other dips as it is real healthy and flavourful. Cucumber is very nutritious vegetable – the Potassium richness in cucumber helps in regulating the blood pressure levels. Cucumber helps to reduce cholesterol, promotes digestion, rehydrates and remineralized the body. Cucumber is also eaten raw during summer as it has a cooling effect and helps in regulating the body temperature.

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Cucumber Curry (Kheere ki Sabji) – now that’s unheard of


Most people use cucumber in salads and/or in raita (dip).  I was also part of this group till marriage. I was introduced to this curry for the 1st time at my husband’s place. I have to admit it – it was a lovely surprise to see cucumber in curry form; and it was indeed tasty and, a quick one to turnaround when in hurry.

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