Spinach Kadhi / Kadhi Palak (spinach curry with yogurt sauce)

Spinach Kadhi (Kadhi Palak)

For all my global friends, Kadhi (it is a Hindi word) is a spiced yogurt sauce thickened with Chickpea flour (gram flour/ besan). It is quick and easy comfort food in India, which is also very light, healthy and tasty. I have gone ahead and combined this light beauty with the more nutritious Spinach (Palak in Hindi), resulting in Spinach Kadhi. I am sure there are some people who may not like to have Spinach on its own – this could be one of the ways of getting this group to eat/like Spinach 🙂 ; I have already covered another way using Spinach Parantha,  Spinach Kofta Curry.

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