Amritsari Chole with Bhature

Amritsari Chole with Bhaure

For all my global friends – festive season in India is in full swing with Diwali (festival of Lights) falling in the coming week (on the 23rd of Oct). So, like all Indians, I am into the festive mode and am preparing rich, heavy, favourite foods nearly all times of the day! So I am starting the day with a wonderful breakfast of Amritsari Chole and Bhature.

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Whole wheat Kulcha with Chole

Whole Wheat Kulcha with Chole

I love spicy, rich Indian food. Chole is one of my favourite and, I always keep on making them at least once/twice in a month.

Recently we went on holidays to Switzerland for a week. It was a really great place and a memorable holiday but I surely missed my rich, spicy Indian food. We did had some Indian food in Switzerland but then, no offence, it was of a slightly different league. The problem with me and my hubby is that we start to miss our Indian spicy food usually after 3-4 days of dining on any other cuisine.

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