Rajasthani Bharwan Mirch (Green Chillies stuffed with Chickpea flour)

Rajasthani Bharwan Mirch

Getting back into my Rajasthani mould πŸ™‚ , this post presents another speciality from the desert state – Bharwan Mirch. Yes, this inadvertently continues to spread the best of Rajasthani cuisine as I simply cannot resist myself to share more and more speciality of my wonderful Rangeelo Rajasthan ;). For the benefit of all, “Bharwan” in Hindi means stuffed and “Mirch” means green chilli; essentially it is a side dish, made up of green chillies stuffed with spicy chickpea flour mix. Do note that the green chillies used are the long, thick green ones as they tend to be less spicy than the regular small,thin green chillies.

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Chile/Chilade ki Sabji ( chickpea flour savoury pancakes in yogurt based gravy)

Chille ki sabji

Now I hope this is an established fact by now (through some of the recipes on my blog) that being from the Indian state of Rajasthan (desert state, in Western India), I am truly gung-ho on traditional Rajasthani / Marwari food πŸ™‚ For the benefit of all, the state of Rajasthan (or major parts of it) used to be called “Marwar”, and hence the name Marwari. Traditional Rajasthani curries are mainly non green vegetables because in olden times, it was extremely hard to get green and leafy vegetables in the desert due to less water and very hot weather.

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Mohanthal (Chickpea Flour Fudge)


The Indian festive season is on full swing, having just wrapped up Navratri and Diwali being just around the corner. Now this definitely calls for some sweet/dessert recipes as no celebration in India is complete without sweets πŸ™‚

Moving away from milk based sweets (actually my husband’s fixation), this post is on another popular Indian (Western India) sweet dish made from roasted chickpea flour (gram flour/besan) and clarified butter (ghee) – Mohanthal. It is just like a fudge with an authentic touch of cardamom and chopped dry fruits. It is also known as Chickpea Flour Fudge. It looks like Besan Barfi but the making process and the taste are totally different.

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Green Peppers with chickpea flour (Besan wali Shimla Mirch)


For the benefit of everyone, Pepper is also popular as Bell pepper or Capsicum. This Post is based one of my Mumma’s hit dish – she used to cook green peppers with chickpea flour so perfect that whenever she was cooking them, our neighbours would call in to demand some for themselves; they used to state that the aroma was simply irresistible.

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Continuing the Rajasthani Delicacy series – Gatte ki Sabji


As stated earlier in my last post, we Rajasthani’s cook multiple unique curries from chickpea flour. This post covers another such chickpea flour based Rajasthani curry with yogurt based gravy, but completely different in taste to the earlier Patod ki Sabji. Honestly, this is my favourite and I am always keen to have it.

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My 1st Rajasthani Delicacy – Patod ki Sabji


Being a Rajasthani/Marwadi born and brought up in Bikaner, I have always loved curry/sabjis which are made of Chickpea flour (Gramflour aka Besan). Rajasthani cuisine is famous for using lentils / chickpea flour in their food and making different and delicious vegetables curries. Though there are multiple different types of such curries, all of them are pretty unique in their own taste.

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