Fruit Custard

Fruit custard is one of the easiest dessert that is a quick recipe, is super delicious and generally sought after by one and all. It is a creamy milk dessert made up of very few ingredients – fruits, milk, sugar and custard powder. You can use any of your favourite fruits in this custard and cherish this flavourful sweet treat. It is a remarkably simple yet luscious dessert which you can make a night before and serve the next day.

I used to love Fruit Custard in my childhood but then somehow it disappeared from our kitchen. And then after ages, a few months back, I got a good craving for Fruit Custard. And this led me to make it for the first time – and I have to say, it was just pure soulful! My hubby darling, who was not a Fruit Custard fan till that day, totally loved it and so did my daughter! They just begged for more!

So, let’s make this super delicious Fruit Custard together 😊

The ingredients for making Fruit custard are:

  1. Milk (full fat): 3 cups            
  2. Custard Powder: 3 Tbsp            
  3. Sugar: 5 Tbsp          
  4. Fruits: 1.5-2 cups                
  5. Yellow food colour: a pinch (optional)   
  6. Rose water (gulab jal): ½ tsp (optional)      


Take milk in a heavy base pan and heat it on medium flame.

Once the milk gets a bit warm, take out 3 Tbsp of warm milk from it and put it in a small bowl. Now add custard powder to this small bowl, mix it properly and make sure that there are no lumps.

When the milk in the pan gets hot, add sugar and stir it well.

Once the milk starts to boil, lower the heat and add the custard mix gradually 2 tsp at a time and stir continuously to avoid any lump formation.

At this stage, you can add yellow food colour if you want to. (this is optional).

Cook and continuously stir for 3-4 minutes till the milk thickens. Once the milk starts to thicken, switch off the flame.

When the milk cools down a bit, add rose water and stir it well. (This step is optional).

Now transfer the custard in a big bowl and put it in the fridge for to get chilled.

Cut all your favourite fruits in small pieces for e.g. apple, banana, strawberry, blueberry, grapes. Add these fruits in the custard, and keep this Custard mix in the fridge for 3-4 hours for more cooling.

I always make this custard a night before and store it in the fridge. I cut the fruits the next day and add the fruits to the custard 3-4 hours before serving.  

Now serve this super tasty and chilled fruit custard and enjoy it!

added dry fruits and yellow food colour

Insider Tips/ Finer Points:

  • You can use semi-skimmed milk instead of full fat, but I would highly recommend full fat milk as it gives more creamy taste and texture.
  • Ensure that the Custard is thick, as fruits release water and will make it little thin.
  • You can also add dry fruits in it.
  • Feel free to add your choice of fruits.
  • You are welcome to add any flavour (e.g., mango, chocolate etc.) as per you like.

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