Sheer Khurma/Vermicelli Pudding

Sheer Khurma or Vermicelli Pudding or Sevaiyon ki Kheer is a luscious royal dessert. It is a traditional Eid dessert. I believe Sheer refers to milk and Kurma means dates. You need full fat milk, fine vermicelli, sugar and dry fruits to make this creamy-rich super delicious dessert; it is a very quick and easy recipe.

My mum used to make Sevaiyon ki Kheer in my childhood but then somehow, we stopped making it and it disappeared from our kitchen. However, I have again got my sights on this delicious dessert; and all thanks to my friend Fatima who she gave us a big bowl of Sheer Kurma on Eid. It was just irresistible!! I had it after ages! We finished that bowl in a go!

Honestly, I have never had that kind of super luscious Sheer Khurma. I immediately became a big fan of it! I requested Fatima to share her recipe and she happily obliged. I have used her recipe except that I do not use dates. Her recipe is so good that when you make it you would never want to taste any other Sheer Khurma!

I am not a fan of dates so have taken them out, but trust me the taste is the same. I have heard that some people say that if you omit the dates, Sheer Khurma will not taste that great, but believe me if you use this recipe you won’t feel any difference in the taste.

As per Fatima’s suggestion I always prepare this Sevaiyon ki Kheer in the night, and once it comes to room temperature, I keep it in the refrigerator and cherish it chilled the next day! As we all know some delicacies taste more awesome on the next day!

So, let us start making this melt-in-mouth royal dessert Sheer Khurma!

The ingredients for making Sheer Khurma are:

  • Milk (full fat): 6.5 cups                  
  • Vermicelli (fine): 2 cups                   
  • Sugar: 1.5 cups          
  • Clarified butter (Ghee): 2 tbsp                    
  • Cardamom: 4              
  • Dry fruits: almonds, pistachios, raisins


First cut almonds and pistachios; also break the vermicelli and keep it aside.

Take a big pan, add ghee (clarified butter) into it and put it on medium flame. Once the ghee melts, add almond, pistachios and the broken vermicelli and roast them till it becomes golden brown. Now take them out from the pan and keep them aside in a plate.

Now put the milk in the same pan and keep it on medium flame. Once the milk gets hot add sugar and cardamom powder in it, stir it occasionally till the milk boils.

Keep the milk boiling for another few minutes and when it get slightly reduced then add the roasted vermicelli and the dry fruits.

Stir the milk occasionally for 15-20 minutes until the milk thickens slightly and the vermicelli softens.

Now add the raisins and after a minute switch off the gas. Your sumptuous Sheer Khurma is ready!

Sheer Khurma thickens when it cools down so keep that in your mind and switch off the gas when it is thick running consistency.

You can serve this Sheer Khurma warm or cold, as per your preference. I personally like the chilled one.

Once it cools down to room temperature, put it in the refrigerator and enjoy it chilled!

I always make it a night before, and once it cools down, I keep it in the refrigerator and cherish it cold on the next day! It just tastes awesome that way! 🙂

I prefer thick consistency Sheer Khurma but if you like thinner consistency than switch off the gas 5 minutes before or use less vermicelli.

Please note that this recipe will give you about 8-9 servings.

Insider Tips/ Finer Points:

  • Feel free to change the sugar quantity according to your taste.
  • You can use semi skimmed milk as well (though I don’t recommend it), but the taste will be slightly different.
  • When you switch off the gas, make sure milk is slightly thickened, but be mindful as vermicelli will get thicker once it cools down.
  • You may add your choice of dry fruits.
  • You can add saffron, if you like.
  • You can add rose water if you like the smell. Add it after switching off the gas.
  • If you are using dates then use less sugar as dates are also sweet.

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