Zebra Cake with Whole Wheat Flour

Zebra cake is a vanilla and chocolate cake with stripes like that of a Zebra. It is one of the most beautiful Tea Cake I have made so far. I started baking (eggless) cakes in the lockdown only and since then have made a few cakes with plain/ all-purpose flour. Post the first 3-4 cakes, once confident, I started making cakes with whole wheat flour (aata).

This beautiful Zebra cake is one of the most favourite cake of my family and friends. When I made this cake for the first time I was totally chuffed and gave myself a pat when I looked at my beautiful cake.😍

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Nutella Chocolate Oreo Mousse

Nutella Chocolate Oreo Mousse is a sumptuous dessert which you can make very easily in just a few minutes. I never knew that this so delicious delicacy is so easy to make until my dear friend Krutika introduced me to it. It is egg free, rich, creamy and indeed chocolatey! You only need a few ingredients, whisk them properly and set them in the refrigerator and voila! Your super delicious Nutella Chocolate Oreo Mousse is ready!

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