Semolina Coconut Laddu

Semolina Coconut Laddu

For the benefit of everyone, Laddu is mainly a round sweet ball which is very famous sweet/dessert in India. Laddu has been an integral part of any Indian celebrations,  whether it was a wedding or big ceremony or as sacred prasad.

Laddu’s main ingredients are flour, sugar and clarified butter. Nowadays you can make many varieties of Laddu using different ingredients.

On Ganesh Festival I had prepared Semolina Coconut Laddu. It is a real quick and easy recipe for a good dessert. It was my first try at the Laddu and it came out real good!.

The ingredients for Semolina Coconut Laddu are:
1. Semolina (suji) : 1 cup
2. Coconut :1 cup
3. Ghee : 3 Tbsp
4. Sugar : 1 cup
5. Cardamom : 1/4 tsp
6. Water : 1/4 cup
7. Raisins  (for garnishing)


Heat a pan and take 2 Tbsp ghee; then add semolina and roast it for 5-7 minutes until you get a nice aroma. Remove from the stove and keep it aside in a bowl. (Please do not roast to change colour)

In the same pan take 1 Tbsp ghee and add grated coconut and roast it for 3-4 min. Make sure that it does not burns. Now remove it from gas.

Add coconut and semolina both in a bowl; mix it well and keep it aside.

For Sugar syrup(chasni) :

Add sugar and water in a pan, and let it boil. Then make 1 thread consistency sugar syrup; turn off the heat when it is done.

Add coconut and semolina mixture to this syrup (syrup should not be too hot or too cold). Add cardamom powder and allow it to rest for 8-10 minutes.

When all of the sugar syrup gets soaked in semolina then apply some ghee on your palm and make laddus.

Put a raisin on each laddu – it gives a very nice look to them.

Enjoy these yummy and nutritious laddus n please share your experiences !!


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